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About Artstract

Artstract specializes in the leasing and sale of abstract art paintings, print, and photography.
Our professional art services are dedicated to helping creative professionals find and choose great artwork.


About the Artist

A California Native, Samuel Danielsen has always been passionate about art. Born in His interest in art started at the age of seventeen while attending high school.
He owes all of his inspiration to the underappreciated and very talented George Small. Goeorge was a high school art teacher, and he furthered Samuel’s interest in Abstract art. Criticism, in Small’s opinion should be ignored. He told Sam to just do what comes naturally, and to explore all corners of his mind.

Around the age of 30, Danielsen decided to peruse and build his career of art and photograpy and alas, Artstract was born. Sam’s medium is primarily acrylic and water color, and his art pieces have been on seen in Hollywood sets.