SoFlat Matte Acrylics

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GOLDEN has developed a paint that helps artists create immersive fields of color without the distraction of texture and glare. The paint has a flowing consistency, offering exceptional coverage and a leveling capability as it dries. This unique combination of qualities can only be found in SoFlat Matte Acrylic Colors.

Artists have used gouache for centuries because of its matteness and opacity, but are restricted by its inherently sensitive paint film. SoFlat moves beyond these limitations, providing a velvety smooth, durable surface. The advantages of SoFlat are extended by its compatibility with other acrylic paints and mediums, increasing the range of creative effects that can be achieved.

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  • Flat, matte finish
  • Excellent coverage and opacity 
  • Flowing, leveling consistency that minimizes appearance of brushstrokes

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